Trixie Vs. Will Be Returning Soon!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last updated, but it isn’t because I haven’t wanted to. I’ve just been very busy trying to get everything in order for ‘Nightmare Nights Dallas’ where I will be a vendor.

The convention is next month so I only have a short time left to get everything ready, and as soon as I’m done Trixie Vs. will be back to its regularly updated schedule for the rest of the year.

If you’re curious about the con, this is their site:

I hope to see some of you guys there!

Trixie Vs. Update coming today!


I ended up having a break in-between commissions, so I seized the upon the opportunity to work on a quick update(oh how I have missed working on it).

Don’t worry I haven’t abandoned it, and I haven’t gotten tired of working on it either!

So expect more Trixie in Spaaaaace in a couple of hours :D!

I’m Starting Commissions!


This is the big announcement I was talking about in my previous post.

If you’re interested in commissioning me follow the link for more information!

Help make my life long dream come true…

This dream in particularimage

I now interrupt this ‘Trixie Vs.’ ask blog with…

Let’s get down to business…


…and by business I mean me talking about about random things including, but not limited to:

Things that are too small and/or unimportant to post on a deviantart journal.

A place to reblog things I like/want to talk about without it interrupting the ‘Trixie Vs,’ blog.

My fan works of a show on the ‘Hub’ channel mainly targeting girls between the ages of 5-12 (CLARIFICATION!!! the show is the one targeting them, not me or any of my art!)

A mod blog for my ‘Ask Trixie from Trixie Vs.’ blog, that way you can ask me anything you wanted to know about it.

A place to see me complain about things in my real life :D! Who wouldn’t want to read that stuff?

And also anything I find



Awesomely hilarious

Hilariously awesome

Generally interesting

Specifically interesting

Weirdly interesting,

and finally…


I can’t think of anything else but I wanted to have something else so pretend it was something that you find would suit your interests.


So I’ve decided to start a mod blog for ‘Ask Trixie From Trixie Vs.’, mostly because I want to talk about this blog, reblog things, and maybe post things not related to Trixie Vs. there.

So if you feel like it you can get over there and ask me some questions about anything(like this blog, that blog, other blogs, my hopes, my dreams, my taco recipes etc.), just say hi, or mostly anything you want to say or whatever. /shrug

And for those who know absolutely nothing about me but the fact that I’m apparently the mod for Trixie Vs., My name is Evil-DeC0Y(well not my real life name, that’d just be weird).